How to Master Instagram Ads

1. Leveraging another social media influencer

The first option that you can do is do is find influencers on Instagram that already have many followers and their content are aligned with your topic. Send them a direct message on your phone and send them message like “how much does it cost for a promotional purse?” or anything else like that. Most of influencer are going to have difference rates of their job, so you must pay attention for their promotes price. Find about 15-20 influencer that are in same exact niche. Message all of them and ask how much it would be for a sponsored post on their profile. Choose the best influencer and pay them.

2. Instagram Sponsored Post

Another option to promote your business is official advertise. For Instagram advertising, go to and click the advertise option that you like. Here are the choices:Photo ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Stories,  Collection ads.

The first step that you must to do is go to and click down arrow in the top right of Facebook page. After that, a dropdown menu will pop up and then click create ads. This step will take us into our Facebook ads account.

After the new page was opened, click on create a new campaign and click traffic. Fill the campaign name and then click continue. After that, choose drive traffic option do you want. Traffic option is a place where your ads pop up. You can choose between website, apps, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. Don’t forget to fill the audience form to optimize market (niche) targeting.

The most important step is landing page views. If you’ve done this step before, click the landing page view and it will open a new page. In this page, you must choose the format ads you want and complete it with the images, description, and link. Then, click confirm and done.

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