How to Make the Best Decisions for Your Life and Business

1. Introduction 

Consider these pointers for better decision making in your life and business.


When you are well rested and serotonin and dopamine levels are high. Usually the the start of your day.

Design  a logical data driven decision process that works for you.  Often times my firs resort is to worry or express frustration and that’s why I include this to warn you – Do not quit or become despondent by default. Take action as a natural response to tough decisions and expect the best  outcome. Accept challenges as the gift that fuels growth, learning and triumph over adversity.

Here are my most critical parameters for decision making, you can make your own

  • Time: Is my decision time bound and can I deliver
  • Financial impact: Cost / opportunity cost/ revenue
  • Optimal Benefits
  • Weigh best alternatives, substitutes, and / or get expert advise. Adopt a global perspective because most  problems are not unique and decisions often have a spiderweb effect on family, organizations and community.
  • Objectively weigh Social and economic impact in family and community. It is often necessary to get input from all parties that will be impacted by your decisions, especially if you are building capacity or resolving conflicts.

Avoid agreeing by default or leaving  others to make key decisions for you. If you lead an organization you may be liable for organizational decisions at all levels whether or not you are present, so be sure to nurture an organizational culture where people are responsive and communicate. Three excellent ways to keep your finger on your organization’s pulse is by staying on top of financial activities (budget), establish good communication systems (mail / social media / ‘all-calls’) and have some “lookouts’ in the trenches.

What to Do, When Everything Is Falling Emotionally and Financially

1. Use all the data and resources you have, including Google, Youtube, partners and experts,  to design favorable outcomes.

2. Visualize a positive outcome

3. Analyze the cost and have a budget or cash flow to support the outcomes

4. Share your problems because you may find a solution faster and be comforted by others who share your experience.

How to Master Instagram Ads

1. Leveraging another social media influencer

The first option that you can do is do is find influencers on Instagram that already have many followers and their content are aligned with your topic. Send them a direct message on your phone and send them message like “how much does it cost for a promotional purse?” or anything else like that. Most of influencer are going to have difference rates of their job, so you must pay attention for their promotes price. Find about 15-20 influencer that are in same exact niche. Message all of them and ask how much it would be for a sponsored post on their profile. Choose the best influencer and pay them.

2. Instagram Sponsored Post

Another option to promote your business is official advertise. For Instagram advertising, go to and click the advertise option that you like. Here are the choices:Photo ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Stories,  Collection ads.

The first step that you must to do is go to and click down arrow in the top right of Facebook page. After that, a dropdown menu will pop up and then click create ads. This step will take us into our Facebook ads account.

After the new page was opened, click on create a new campaign and click traffic. Fill the campaign name and then click continue. After that, choose drive traffic option do you want. Traffic option is a place where your ads pop up. You can choose between website, apps, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. Don’t forget to fill the audience form to optimize market (niche) targeting.

The most important step is landing page views. If you’ve done this step before, click the landing page view and it will open a new page. In this page, you must choose the format ads you want and complete it with the images, description, and link. Then, click confirm and done.

How to Double Your Sales

Basic ways to improve your website:

  1. Remove all option in scrolling navigation other than “apply” button
  2. Make the text in the large paragraph easy to read
  3. Reduce the footer navigation option
  4. Add a call to action within each section

Other ways to improve your sales:

1. Engage Visitors

To engage your visitor, you can make some quiz for them. The quiz makes someone feel more challenged when they fill the form. Indirectly, you will make someone give their information and you can collect it. This way can increase lead collection by 108.3%. Don’t forget to create engagement first before you give visitors a quiz. When you engage with them first, you will make visitors to your website feel like “I already spent all this time engaging, might as well just complete the rest”. Remember, the more they feel engaged, the easier it will be for you to get their information.

2. Don’t Use an Exit Pop Up

You must make the pop-up feature more unique. Making an ordinary feature will make it boring. You can improve them by using a gif image for the background of the exit pop up or use another simple thing like that. This trick will increase engagement by 16%. Be more creative for this trick.

3. Use Geo Location Data

Almost everyone is more likely to use the product which is often used by people around them. Because of that, in your website, you should market your products based on where site visitors come from. You can know where their geographic location based on their IP address. If you want to increase your sales, you must know your market. The more you know, the more you will get.

4. Add a Checkout Bump

It’s easier to upsell than it is to generate new sales. Because of that, in the checkout page when customers want to buy, give them a sweetheart deal. Give them some discount that will generate your other product sales.

5. Make It Hard For People Not To Buy

Almost everyone in this world like a challenge, so we must utilize it. Make them do many things. When we make it less difficult for people to buy, it will make them want buy our product. It has been tasted to 4 websites, and it increased the sales until 58%

6. Make The Correct Headline

You must follow these general rules for headline:

  1. Use numbers and negative words in your headline
  2. Keep them under 65 characters for search
  3. Make your headline match with the content
  4. Odd numbers perform better than even
  5. Aim for 6-word headlines
  6. Avoid words with multiple meanings
  7. Include power words and adjectives

And this is for headline in blog post:

  1. Evoking curiosity is a strong way to generate click
  2. Make your headline match with the content blog
  3. Write in a conversational tone
  4. Being too salesy can hurt sales
  5. Make the copy clear, and easy to read
  6. Go for simpler landing pages from a design/copy standpoint
  7. Answer objection within the copy

7. Evoke Fear

Make people fearful of something, and it will make them buy your product.

8. Ask Your Customers and Visitor For Favors

By following the first and second tips, you will collect your customers email. With that, send an email asking for a favor. Ask them some help and give them the prize for that. The function of this step is make them know your other products. When they know about your products, they probably will buy it.

2 Things High Performance Teams Need to Do | Dr. John L. Edwards

Projects requiring joint efforts and outputs, what Katzenbach and Smith (1993) called collective work products, rather than pooled efforts are better given to teams. Because of the pooled nature of group outputs, groups provide opportunities to complete larger tasks than individuals could on their own. But the synergy created in teams results in greater learning from team outputs, necessary cross training, continuous learning, freely shared This information has nothing to do with the videos in the blog. There should be no videos int eh blog. “information and team methods improvement (Zenger & Associates, 1994). In addition, assignments in intense, time-compressed formats requiring the need for immediacy are more appropriate for teams rather than groups.

In 1994 Katzenbach and Smith published “The Wisdom of Teams”, based on studies of team work across several companies, and case studies of business environments and work challenges. They provide evidence that teams can yield superior performance compared to groups and prescribes structures for the creation and operation of successful teams. Katzenbach and Smith define a team as “a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” (p.112). In comparison, a work group is simply a collection of people working in the same area or placed together to complete a task. After reviewing the knowledge base on high performance teams, below are 5 characteristics high performance teams need to have.

  1. Create a sense of shared purpose

Both groups and teams have a sense of shared purpose, but teams can perform at higher levels than typical work groups, as they create value-added synergies rather than focus on individual performance and evaluation as measures of success. These value-added synergies rely on distinct structures and skill sets, without which the success of the team and by extension the organization is impaired. Skill sets and structures include problem solving and decision-making skills, technical or functional expertise, and interpersonal skills. All of these skills have strong structural underpinnings.

The human resource (HR) and political frames are vital to creating high performing teams as their leaders must building commitment and confidence, manage relationships with outsiders and create opportunities for others. The same applies to classroom settings, where a team is committed to working with each other to achieve their purpose and hold each other fully and jointly accountable for the team’s results

2. Specify roles and functions for members

Core to Katzenbach and Smith’s formulas for superior team performance are structural elements that include measurable commitment, performance goals, mutual accountability and complementary skills. Even class team must specify roles and functions for members, assure individual and group accountability and devote their resources to problem solving (Brown, 2000). Meyers and Jones (1993), also theorizes that accountability of individual students to both team and instructor is a co-requisite for effective learning in class teams. Developing high performance teams in a class requires more active course design – a structural demand. Given these co-requisites, it is logical to conclude that the structural frame is of superior importance to the creation and functioning of high performance teams.

Projects requiring joint efforts and outputs, what Katzenbach and Smith (1993) called collective work products, rather than pooled efforts are better given to teams.  Because of the pooled nature of group outputs, groups provide opportunities to complete larger tasks than individuals could on their own.  But the synergy created in teams results in greater learning from team outputs, necessary cross training, continuous learning, freely shared information and team methods improvement (Zenger & Associates, 1994).  In addition, assignments in intense, time-compressed formats requiring the need for immediacy are more appropriate for teams rather than groups.   

The six assumptions that underpin the structural frame are aligned with co-requisites for superior performing teams (Katzenbach and Smith, 1994).  These assumptions emphasize the importance of goals & objectives, specialization and appropriate division of labor, coordination and control, prevailing rationality, ability to address current circumstances and effective analysis and restructuring. The human resource, political and symbolic frames are essential elements that guide these assumptions. However, the structural frame is the best suited lens for creating, observing and measuring high performance teams.