Application process​​

The DSP opportunity is available to individuals looking to start their own business. Delivery associates and station associates are welcome to apply. We recommend that delivery associates talk to their DSP about the opportunity.

Only one person may apply to become a DSP owner in a single application. We don’t accept applications from companies, couples, or groups.

Before you apply

The success of the DSP program reflects its many owners. Their leadership, work ethic, and desire to give back to their communities are the foundation of our partnership. Being a DSP owner is hard work, and we want to partner with the right individuals. In order to apply, you’ll need to have these documents ready:

✅   An up-to-date resume

Your resume should include a full history, including dates, of your employment, military service (if applicable), and education.

✅  Personal financial information

This should include proof of $30,000 in liquid assets, such as personal checking, savings, money market, brokerage accounts, and other cash-equivalent accounts. Business accounts and cryptocurrency aren’t accepted.

Make sure you use an email address that hasn’t been used for Amazon Flex or an existing Amazon shopping account and isn’t associated with a current Amazon DSP profile. If you have any questions, please email

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Application journey

*Includes background and credit check

How to apply

The first step in applying to the program is to fill out the online application. This usually takes two to three hours to complete.

Part of the application collects personal information that we can use to conduct a background check, credit check, and motor vehicle record check. Credit scores are an important factor, so we encourage you to be familiar with your credit score prior to applying.

If you’re interested in applying for a diversity grant, please answer those optional questions in the financial section of the application.

In addition to asking about personal information, we’ll ask you to tell us about your success in hiring and leading a team, working with customers, contributions to your community, and how your business or personal goals align with the DSP program.

After you apply

This is a highly competitive program with a limited number of openings; therefore, it might take months before we’re able to get back to you on your application. The email address that you use to apply will be our primary contact method to inform you of your status and next steps. You can also check the status of your application in the application portal.

While you wait, we encourage you to research the DSP program and prepare questions to ask interviewers. We want to make sure you feel the opportunity is right for you.

Future DSP program

If you’re accepted to be a DSP but the location you want isn’t available, you’ll be invited to be part of the Future DSP program. While you wait for an opportunity, you’ll have a chance to learn more about onboarding, launching the business, leading the team, and the daily demands of operating a package-delivery business. If you’re part of the Future DSP program, you’ll have regular meetings with your business development manager to receive updates about available locations and get your questions answered.

Future DSPs also have the opportunity to learn from current DSPs, who can give advice on building a team and succeeding as a hands-on business owner. The amount of time you’ll be waiting for an opportunity depends on availability in your preferred location and whether any other Future DSPs are interested in the same location. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get an offer, but joining the Future DSP program ensures you’re ready when the opportunity comes up.