High School Fundraiser

The easiest fundraiser on Clickbank

The Unicorn Challenge

How it works

Just click sign me up, create a ClickBank account, submit names of fundraisers, generate affiliate links for each fundraiser, and start rolling in cash.

Training is available on this site for teachers and students.
ClickBank mails checks directly to your school each billing cycle or you may select electronic deposit.

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Here’s why

The Unicorn Challenge is so popular!


Schools can earn $10K in as little as two weeks
Students get free financial education
Teachers can infuse literacy and numeracy skills
Participants learn how to create and scale a business

The Unicorn Challenge

It's simple

Sign up on ClickBank and generate your affiliate links for Prove Your Concept
Send the affiliate link to friends and families via text, email or social media
Ask them to purchase the EBook titled Prove Your Concept with audio files (English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole)
This $10 investment will show participants how to transform small ideas into fortunes and improve their lives.


Say goodbye to..

Did you know that it takes the same effort to sell a $10 item as it does to sell a $1 item? Would you rather 100 sales to make $100 or ten sales to make the same $100? Most students have ten people who would support them with a $10 purchase.


Homerooms - Win a Pizza party!

Homerooms are awarded $100 for sales of more than 500 units
(This is not fundraising proceeds and should be used for a pizza party or other student centered celebration).

Here's how to get started with the Unicorn Challenge in 4 easy steps:


How does The Unicorn Challenge work?

The Unicorn Challenge is a virtual fundraiser on ClickBank that focuses on business education, technology, numeracy and literacy integration. There is no investment required, no inventory and no need to coordinate or stage tiresome events.

What schools are eligible to participate?

High schools (grades 9-12) are eligible to participate. Other nonprofit (501C3) organizations may participate.

Does The Unicorn Challenge require any door-to-door sales?

There is no door-to-door selling. The entire fundraiser happens online. All solicitations are made through email, social media, or direct messaging. Students, teacher and parents do not collect any money or deliver any products. All funds are paid into ClickBank and deposited directly to each school’s account or mailed to the school.

How much time does it take to get the program started?

It takes less than 1 hour to run the entire program in your school. Each school can run the program with one person and no volunteers. However, we recommend that homeroom teachers work closely with their students and attempt to integrate literacy and numeracy skills. We also strongly encourage participation from school clubs or organizations centered on leadership and business.

How long until my school will receive a check?

Please see ClickBank's billing cycles, policies and procedures.

How can I track my school’s progress?

Simply login to ClickBank and check your analytics data. You can access it at any time to see performance by school, homeroom or individual student participant.